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” Association of Women Sandglass” is a women’s NGO from Krusevac dealing with empowerment of women and advocating for gender equality through seminars, workshops, round tables, conferences, panels, discussions, street actions, media campaigns, research …

Sandglass was involved in drafting the National Strategy for improving the position of women and promoting gender equality, Action Plan for improving the protection of women from violence, standardization of the help line, a strategy for the transformation of social care in Krusevac, Local Sustainable Development Strategy of the City of Krusevac and made other suggestions and recommendations for improving the status of women.

The Association actively and regularly participates in the campaigns and commemorations of important dates of women’s history, March 8th , International Women’s Day, 25 November, International Day Against Violence Against Women, 10th December, Human Rights Day, the campaign “16 days of activism against violence against women “…

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