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About Us

Association of Women Sandglass is a women’s NGO founded in early 2000 in Krusevac, engaged in women empowerment and gender equality advocacy. The vision of the organization is a society in which women and men have equal opportunities.

Sandglass is implementing various projects in the field of women’s rights and violence against women. For example, project Women’s Information Center in cooperation with the Foundation for Peace and Gender Equality – KtK, Sweden, was implemented for 12 years. Within this project we worked intensively on organizing and connecting women in Rasina District and empowering young women through peer education on women’s rights.

From 2003 to 2009, we have been Norwegian People’s Aid’s partner in the implementation of the program Women Can do it, and implemented  project about gender sensitivity of journalists “Women can do it in the media.” 2006. we participated in the National Strategy for the Advancement of Women drafting (Media representations of women Working Group), and in 2007. in development of local strategies for the transformation of social care (Combating domestic violence Working group).

Sandglass is a part of the Network of Women in Black and Network of Women Against Violence.

From 2008 to 2011, Sandglass has implemented a project to protect women from domestic violence and established the first SOS hotline and legal counseling for abused women and children ever in Rasina District. The project was funded by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and the local government, followed by the Ministry of State Administration and the City of Krusevac. Finally, the funding was only local government’s responsibility. Since the local government failed to fulfill the requested financial obligations towards the SOS phone and legal counseling, specified in the agreement in 2011, service stopped working on December 31st, 2011. After that, Sandglass organized support to women in situation of violence in the premises of the association, during weekend, with volunteer consultants who worked on the SOS hotline. At the same time, Sandglass continued to support women in situations of violence in other ways, either independently or as part of the Network of Women Against Violence. In 2014. we received, once again, support from Ministry of Labor and Social Policy for education of new consultants and now we are providing volunteer support to women in situation of violence 6 days in a week.