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Completed projects

14. August 2019.

Louder, 2001.

The project is supported by the Open Society Foundation and comprised the activities aimed at increasing knowledge and skills women’s rights activists and a members of the Association of Women Sandglass. Within the project we implemented workshops, discussions and promotion of books on women’s rights.

Sewing workshop for Roma women, 2002.
This project was supported by the Open Society Fund. The project lasted 6 months and after the end of 12 young Roma women acquired tailoring skills.

Computer workshops for single mothers, 2003.
STAR Foundation has supported the computer skills course for 30 single mothers in Krusevac. The course included basic knowledge on work in Word, Excel and Internet use.

Education on Violence against Women, 2003.
The project was aimed at increasing basic knowledge of Sandglass activists about the problem of violence against women and to provide basic skills for assistance and informing women in situation of violence. The project was supported by the foundation Mama Cash.

Women’s Informational Educational Center , 2003.- 2014.
This is a project implemented by Women’s Association Sandglass thanks to financial, logistics, feminist support of the Foundation for Peace and gender equality, Kvinna till Kvinna, Sweden. The aim of the project is to empower women to claim their rights and advocate for the advancement of women and gender equality in society as the essence of democracy and justice. The project was implemented in the Rasina District and includes education, advocacy and research activities.

Women can do it, 2003-2009.
Around 400 women, first of all journalists, then politicians, members of trade unions, human rights activist … participated in seminars, discussions, street actions within the project Women can do it, as one of the three partner organizations, Norwegian People’s Aid in Serbia. Within the project, Sandglass was responsible for creating and implementing of gender empowerment program for women employed in media.

The position of women in rural areas of Serbia, 2004.
A research project supported by the Freedom House. The study was designed, created and, with the help of associate volunteers, implemented by Ljubica Rajković, a university professor. Data obtained during the survey were processed and compiled in the publication “The situation of rural women in Serbia.”

Reproductive Women’s Health, 2004.
Approximately 100 women received information about how to protect their health and abot the importance of prevention. The project was supported by the Fund for Open Society and was implemented in cooperation with the Women’s Center from Uzice and Health Center Krusevac medical staff.

Prevention and protection from cancer, 2005.
About 50 women, citizens of Krusevac in different stages of illness and recovery of cancer, within the project funded by the Norwegian Embassy, received support and the possibility to work on their own empowerment within the workshops. The workshops were led by Lela Milovanovic, oncology doctor and Suzana Braljinac psychologist.

Education on Violence against Women, 2006.
The objective of this and previous education on violence against women was increasing knowledge of Sandglass’activists about the problem and the social character of violence against women, as well as skills in contacting and providing support to women exposed to violence. Funding for education was provided by the Global Fund for Women.

Healthy women – healthy families, 2006.
The campaign was supported by USAID and “Care”. It was conducted in collaboration with the Health Center Krusevac and included workshops, panel discussions, seminars and street actions. Donors have supported the action also by buying and mammograms for the Health Center. Thanks to the campaign, about 1 000 women received information on the protection and prevention of cancer.

Education of girls on the issue of violence against women, 2007.
Funds for the training was provided by the local government Krusevac and the project consisted of workshops in secondary schools on the recognition and protection from violence. About 100 girls attended the workshops.

Prevention and protection of women from violence towards women, 2008 – 2011.
Within the project, which was supported by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and Local Government Krusevac, in early 2009, the Sandglass has established the first ever SOS telephone for women and children victims of violence in this part of Serbia. In 2010, funds for the work of SOS phone was provided by the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government. In 2011, the City of Krusevac was contracted to finance the work of SOS phone. Since the City has not complied with the accepted obligations, SOS phone stopped in the end of 2011. Former consultant continued to provide support to women in Sandglass’ office, on Saturdays from 11 to 14 hours. During almost three years of work on SOS phone in Krusevac, consultants provided about 2000 various psychosocial and legal services to the beneficiaries. Number of beneficiaries was around 300.

Woman’s organizing in Krusevac in the late 19th and early 20th century, 2010.
This research project was implemented in cooperation with Krusevac library, Historical archive and Museum. The collected material, data, text and images are presented in the same name publication. Funding for the project was provided by the Women’s Fund for Reconstruction.

Toward louder no to violence against women, 2010.
It is one of the projects selected in the competition of the Gender Equality to combat sexual and gender-based violence. Within the project, in cooperation with the Council for Gender Equality Krusevac and organizations Autonomous Women’s Center and Romano voracious realized 5 seminars for about 200 Representative / ka institutions and 6 debate on the issue of violence against women, one in each of the cities Rasina District on which was attended by about 250 people.

Empowering others by empowering ourselfs, 2010.
Project for empowerment and specialization of activist and SOS telephone consultants for better and more efficient service providing and support to women in situations of violence and dealing with the burnout, supported by the Global Fund for Women. The project includes a series of workshops on emotional literacy.

Gendering the local employment policies in Krusevac, 2011.
The focus of the project was the local Employment Action Plan of the City of Krusevac, which is adopted each year and is aimed at employment of less employable categories of the population. Sandglass was analyzing plan implementation in 2011th and came to the conclusion that the number of women employed on the basis of the plan was less than the number of men, only one person with a disability got a job, and no Roma or Roma woman, which practically means that the plan did not fulfill the purpose . Sandglass sent the results of the analysis with recommendations for the Improvement of the implementation of the plan to the local government, the Council for Employment Krusevac and the National Employment Agency, department in Krusevac.

Empowering others by empowering ourselfs, 2012.
It’s the sequel of the project started in 2010th and aimed at improving the capacities of organization and activists to work with women in situations of violence and prevent burnout by using methods of emotional literacy, drama techniques and feminist care of yourself and others. Project was supported by the Global Fund for Women.

Active girls for gender equal society, 2013/14.
Project on empowerment of young women in Krusevac and Rasina District was directly derived from long work of the Sandglass on strengthening the capacity of young women in this area to identify, seek and advocate for their rights. Sandglass founded the first peer education on women’s rights for secondary schools in the district in 2011. More than 2,000 young women attended some form of education organized by Women’s Association Sandglass. Project Active girls for gender equal society, Sandglass implemented in 2013th and 2014th in cooperation with the Alternative Center for Girls, Krusevac.

Support to women in situation of violence, 2014.
Implementation of the project began in February 2014 and lasted for 6 months. The project supported the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. The project also renewed SOS phone that stopped working in late 2011 due to City Krusevac’s failure to meet the obligations from the financing contract. The project included training of 10 new women, including 2 Roma and 2 women with disabilities, who will work as a consultants.

Empowering rural and Roma women to resist violence, 2014.
The project “Empowering rural and Roma women to resist violence”, which was supported by Trag Foundation, begun on August 1st 2014. and runs until November 30th 2014. The project was aimed at improving support to women in a situation of partner and family violence in rural and Roma settlements of the City of Krusevac, by increasing the level of awareness about how to recognize violence and whom they can turn to for support, assistance and protection, through 6 panels with representatives of organization Romani cikna, SOS phone, Center for Social Work, Police and the Council for Gender Equality and 6 street actions with distribution of informative materials, created with intention to reduce stereotypes about gender-based violence.